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Aweber Review, A great email marketing platform for small business. 

Below you will find our full review of Aweber, a complete email marketing solution.

Email marketing is an integral part of making a business grow, and tools like Aweber are crucial to assist with this.

The platform offers exceptional features that are not available in many applications at such a low price point, and we definitely recommend checking them out.


What Is Aweber?

Aweber is a widley recommended email marketing platform used by businesses. The company launched in 1998 and now has a huge customer base of small businesses around the globe.

The platform is designed for small business with the aim to help automate the bulk of your marketing tasks.

Aweber helps you to make the most of email marketing. It lets you create professional and highly engaging emails to help you connect with your clients and improve customer loyalty. Further, it’s relatively affordable considering the features it has.


Aweber has a huge amount of great features and tools to help with your email marketing, below we have listed some of the most popular for small businesses.

Content Design Feature


Aweber probably has one of the largest databases of templates for your emails. It offers over 700 options with a range of customizations, allowing you to devise the perfect email with minimum effort.

You can also create a template from scratch. However, that is usually not necessary since there is always an option that fits your design preferences.

The templates are also fully customizable, so you can tweak around with features ranging from font styles to background. This also gives you full control over your content, where you are not restricted by anything.

Email Design Feature

Responsive Email Designs

Responsiveness plays a major role in retaining customers. You need to make sure your content fits perfectly to any screen, regardless of the device used. 

Aweber has been at the top of the game in terms of responsiveness. All the designs made on the platform can resize to the screen size in under a second, which is pretty great.

Further, you can also preview how your designs would look on different devices before making any permanent changes, hence, making sure you are fully satisfied with your design.

Customisation Feature


Marketing automation is an essential feature for any email marketing software and Aweber is no different. Through marketing automation, the user can construct an algorithm where emails are sent according to the customer’s activities. 

Aweber’s automation feature allows you to send emails to your customers based on their behaviours and activities ensuring you send only the most relevant content.

Settings Feature


Analytics can play a major role in helping you improve your business. Insights help you understand your customers and change your marketing strategies to better fit their preferences.

Aweber has several different analytics measures that you can use. These include clickthroughs, bounce rates, open rates, sign up methods, activity and geolocation of the users.

Lists Feature

List segmentation

Another great feature offered by the platform is list segmentation. It allows you to divide your users into groups based on gender, age, geolocation, interests and activity.

The data can then be used for targeted marketing, resulting in better customer engagement scores. The more appealing your marketing campaign, the better are the chances of drawing in customers.

Testing Feature

A/B testing

A/B testing allows you to select the best variant of your email. You can make several versions of your email or newsletter and let the platform do that task for you.

Aweber sends out these variants to different customer groups and sees which version gets the most engagement score. It then selects it as the final one and sends it out to your subscriber’s list.


Is This Right For Me?

Aweber is a very popular email marketing service, to help you decide if it is right for you, we have included some of the most common uses. 


News Letter To Customers


Email Marketing & List Creation


Automated Email Sequences


Marketing Funnels

Aweber Pricing

Aweber offers two plans, one free and the other paid. The paid plan starts at 500 subscribers and the cost increases as your subscriber base increases. They also provide a discount for paying for the year in advance.  Prices below are monthly if paid monthly.

Pro’s And Con’s



Great templates


Amazing customer support


Solid analytics


Easy To Use & Learn


Canva Integration



Automations are not the best


List segmentation does not allow broadcasting emails to multiple groups at once


Hidden costs that might affect your budget

Frequently Asked

Does AWeber have a free version?

Answer: Yes, they have a free plan that allows up to 500 subscribers.

To sum up, Aweber is a solid email marketing platform. It might not be the best in all cases but given the reasonable price tag and the features it encompasses, it’s certainly great value.
It is most suitable for beginners who are generally not that well versed in technical terminology or skills. With the ease of use, paired with the affordable price, Aweber is a must to check out for any business owner.