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ConvertKit Review, Email Marketing For Creative Business Owners

Below you will find our full ConvertKit review. A powerful email marketing platform for small to large businesses and one of our top choices for an all in one email marketing solution

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching and engaging an audience and turning them into customers. If you have not started yet we suggest you get going today.

According to Oberlo, every dollar spent on email marketing can lead to revenue of up to $42.

Therefore, email marketing can play a major role in your growth and should be a part of any marketing plan.

What Is Convert Kit?

ConvertKit is an all in one email marketing platform that is perfect for bloggers, creators, authors, and marketers. It comes with a large range of features and is a very powerful tool.

In our Convertkit review, we found the platform to be very user friendly and a delight to use.


ConvertKit comes packed with many high-quality features that help improve your businesses email marketing process. Below we have listed some of the most important to a small business owner.

Customer Service Feature


The platform allows you to segment your customers by characteristics like the ones who are interested in your product, and those who have already purchased it.

This helps in making automated emails more personal, increasing the chances of conversions. Another great feature is the ability to tag your contacts which assists with the organisation of your database.

Email Design Feature

Email Automation

One of the greatest features of ConvertKit is its email automation capability. It allows you to create and schedule email sequences.

When created these emails are triggered based on user events, for example, clicking on a link or subscribing to your product. You can also customize the emails to fit different audience types.

Content Feature


To help you kickstart your page building process, ConvertKit offers high quality, customizable templates. You can tweak the design and change components to suit your needs perfectly.

The only drawback was the size of the template library when compared with some of the other market leaders.

Content Feature

Landing Pages

Landing pages can play a major role in luring the customers towards your products. ConvertKit offers a simple and intuitive landing page builder that helps you create the perfect web pages.

There is a range of components that you can drag and drop onto the editor and rearrange them according to your preferences.

Download feature

Automatic Downloads

The automatic download feature is a huge plus for this email marketing service. It allows your customers to automatically download a piece of content such as a pdf in exchange for putting in their email address.

Settings Feature


You can also get detailed analytics on the progress and effectiveness of your emails and other marketing campaigns.

They can help understand your customer dynamics and reshape your content to get more traffic. The scope of the reporting is not as in-depth as some services but it’s more than enough for the average small business.

Mobile App Feature

Digital Products

One of the newer features offered is the ability to build a digital product funnel that can automatically deliver the product after purchase.

Settings Feature

A/B testing

The platform also comes with A/B testing functionality that can help you select the best possible version of your marketing campaigns.


Is This Right For Me?

Convertkit is a great tool focused on creative businesses. To help you decide we have outlined some of the most common uses.


News Letter To Customers


Email Marketing & List Creation


Automated Email Sequences


Digital Product Marketing

Convertkit Pricing

Convertkit’s pricing below is based on 1000 contacts. If you have more than 1000 contacts the pricing will increase. They also offer discounts for paying annually. Prices below are per month when paid monthly.

Pro’s And Con’s



A great user interface


Fairly easy to learn


Fantastic automation tool


Great for creating funnels


Good delivery optimisation



Not as cheap as some of its competition


Missing SMS


Needs a larger template library

Frequently Asked

Does Convert Kit offer a free plan?

Answer: Yes, Convert Kit has a free plan along with paid options that provide a greater set of features.

Is my data secure?

Answer: Yes, Convert Kit uses secure secure Amazon Web Servers to store your data.

Overall, ConvertKit is a great platform for email marketing. It has everything you need to design effective marketing campaigns and funnels.

Our ConvertKit review makes it clear If you’re looking for an all in one solution this platform is definitely worth considering. Below we have included our overall review rating.

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