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Divi Review: WordPress Page Builder

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September 15, 2021

Divi Review, An Amazing Yet Affordable Website Builer

In this article, you will find our Divi review. Divi is one of the worlds most popular WordPress page builders, an amazing tool that allows you to build sites with no code.

Divi has over helped build over 2 million websites and in this review, we will be discussing why it’s one of the most cost-effective builders available.

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Divi Review Rating

During our Divi review, we were really blown away by just how versatile and powerfull this builder is. The lifetime license is a no brainer for anyone involved in web design.
Ease Of Use
Customer service 
Great for all users

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is what's known as a content management system. This is a piece of software that manages the content on a website and helps present it to the end-user.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world currently powering over 30% of all sites globally.

Within WordPress you usually have what is called a theme, this is a framework for the design and functionality of your website.

Divi is one of these themes.

What Is Divi?

Although Divi is considered a website builder, It is in fact both a WordPress theme and a builder. This theme is created by the company Elegant Themes.

Divi Builder is a plugin that has a built-in tool that allows you to create web pages without needing any knowledge of coding.

The theme is a full website theme that includes the Divi plugin.

Divi has a great range of visual tools which allow you to style and design just about anything that you can imagine.

In our opinion, Divi has a slightly higher learning curve when compared to Elementor (It's main competition)

In our Divi review, we found that this theme came with hundreds of pre-built templates and complete websites which you can use for free as part of the purchase price.

Divi Features

Divi has so many features that it would simply take forever to list them all here, but like our Elementor review, we have listed the most popular one below.
Drag & Drop Editor
The drag and drop editor gives you the freedom to design with out knowing any code.
Revision History
See a full history of all of your changes and roll back at any time.
Divi has hunderds of great ready made templates you can use on any project.
Responsive Design
Build websites that are completly responsive to all devices.
Educational Content
Just like its main competitor, Divi has a huge support base with pleny of useful content.
Custom Css Control
Divi allows you to take its styling even further using custom css with each element.
Theme Builder
Divi can be used to build entire theme layouts which can be re-used. 
Woo Commerce
Build amazing product pages and online stores using a visual builder. Intergates with Woo Commerce.
Global Styles
Adjust your styling site-wide using global settings.

Is This Right For Me?

Divi is a fantastic WordPress theme / builder, here we will include some of the most popular uses for this tool.
Build WordPress Websites
Edit Existing Websites
Creating Landing Pages
Create Membership Portals

Divi Pricing

Divi has one of the best prices considering what you get for your money. The builder comes with two amazing themes and two great plugins, and if you choose the lifetime option it is a steal in our opionion. 
Yearly Access
Great For Beginers
Billed Annualy
Great For Businesses
One Off Payment
With Either Plan
Extra Theme & Plugins

Alternatives To Divi

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One of the worlds most popular page builder 
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Beaver Builder 
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Main Pro's & Con's

Lifetime License
Divi has a lifetime license which is amazing value
This theme comes with a hugh amount of complete websites and templates to be used on your project.
Comes With Other Tools
Divi comes with another amazing theme called Extra. It also comes with two fantastic WordPress plugins called Bloom & Monarch.
Highly customizable.
You can customise just about anything allow you to create beautiful and creative websites similar to Elementor.
Uses shortcode 
Divi uses shortcode, which means if you build a site with it, you will need to use it on the site forever.
No free option
Divi is a paid theme with no free option, although it is very affordable.

Other Important Questions

Can I use Divi on my WordPress theme?
Answer: Yes, the Divi builder plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes. However we reccomend to just use the Divi theme.
Can I use Divi for free?
Answer: No, Divi is a paid product.
Is Divi good for beginners?
Answer: Yes, Although we do reccomend to have some knowledge of websites to get the most from it.
What is the difference between Divi and Divi builder?
Answer: The Divi theme is a full theme that comes with the builder included, The builder is a plugin you can use on any other theme. 

Final Words

That wraps up our Divi review, without a doubt one of the best value builders on the market.

If you are wanting to build a website of two we recommend using the lifetime license, you will never need to worry about updates and support again.

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