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Elementor Review, The Worlds Most Popular Page Builder

In this article, you will find our Complete Elementor review. If you have ever tried to build a WordPress website before, you have probably heard of Elementor as its one of the most useful WordPress plugins ever created.

Elementor has over 5 million downloads and in this review we will be discussing why it’s such a popular choice for WordPress designers, developers and novices alike.

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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is A Website creation and management platform that currently powers Approximately 40% of all websites globally.

This platform is a piece of software called a CMS (content management system) and like the name suggests its job is to manage all the content that makes up your website.

A Key barrier to creating a site on WordPress is the steeper learning curve, and for this reason, developers have created a host of tools and services to help build a WordPress website without knowing any code.

One of the most popular of these tools is Elementor which we have reviewed below.


What Is Elementor?

Elementor is a website page builder plugin for WordPress. It comes packed with a range of features that can help you design and build amazing websites without knowing how to code.

Elementor does this using a drag and drop builder, paired with hundreds of widgets, templates, and options.

The drag and drop builder works really well and is super intuitive. It is compatible with any WordPress theme which is a massive advantage over many of its competitors.

The user interface is clean, easy to follow, and has a really good workflow allowing for very fast page builds once you get the hang of it.



There are more features then we could include in this Elementor review but we have included the most popular and useful ones below.

Content Design Feature

Drag And Drop Editor

The drag and drop editor gives you the freedom to design your website according to your preference. You can drop and move around elements anywhere on the page.

This gives you full control over the design and site Layout

Settings Feature


The web builder also offers over 90 widgets that you can add to your web pages. Each widget offers advanced customizations.

From images and buttons to ratings and maps, you can easily add functionality, without writing any code.

Responsive Feature

Responsive Design

One of the greatest features of Elementor is responsive designs. To make the customer experience worthwhile, responsive designs are essential.

All web pages made on the platform can be used on any device without any hassle.

This removes the need to make different versions for different browsers or devices. Further, you can also preview your design in mobile view before finalizing anything.

Content Feature


Elementor comes with over 300, professionally curated templates to help you kickstart your web building process.

They cover a range of categories, so you can always get something that suits your aesthetic and requirements.

Further, the templates are fully customizable. That means you are not bound to a particular layout. Instead, you can tweak the colour schemes, fonts and designs to your liking.

Education Feature

Educational Content

Due to the amount of users Elementor has, you will find a huge amount of educational content on just about any aspect of the tool.

Website Feature

Theme Builder

 Elementor Pro comes out of the box with an amazing theme builder. This means you no longer need to rely on an existing WordPress theme and can simply build one from scratch.

Clean Writing Feature

Clean, High-Quality Code

One of the best features we uncovered in our Elementor review was the code that the plugin left behind. Unlike some other builders, Elementor leaves clean, standard code which means you are not bound to the plugin in the future.

A/B testing uses 2-3 versions of your emails or landing pages to see which one performs the best with the audience. The selected version is then sent to all your subscribers.


Is This Right For Me?

Elementor is a great tool useful for building and designing web pages on WordPress.


Basic Website Building


Landing Pages


Front End Design Work


Not Much Coding Knowledge

Elementor Pricing

The Elementor review was based on both the paid and free plans, below you will find their pricing. Prices below are annual & in USD.

Pro’s And Con’s



The free version is amazing.


Clean code left behind.


Highly customisable.


A huge community of users & developers.


Works with any theme.


Many developer options.


Not that hard to learn.


Amazing secondary market.



Price is expensive compared with the competition.


No lifetime purchase option.


24/7 customer support is only available in paid plans.


Theme builder not available on the free plan.


Can cause some issues with certain themes.

Frequently Asked

Can I use Elementor on my WordPress theme?

Answer: Yes, Elementor is compatible with all WordPress themes. Some themes work better with this plugin so it’s important to do your research on this topic.

Can I use Elementor for free?

Answer: Yes, there is a free version you can use although it is limited.

Is there a lifetime license for Elementor pro?

Answer: No, The pro version is only available in the annual subscription.

If I purchase the pro version and don’t continue my membership will I lose the features I added to my site?

Answer: No, any features applied to your site will stay intact, you will only lose customer support and future updates. This means you can try Elementor pro for one year, build your site, and choose not to continue your subscription and your website will remain up and working correctly.

That wraps up our Elementor review, below you will find our review rating of this amazing plugin and builder.

If you are thinking of using Elementor to build a website and have some WordPress experience we recommend trying out the pro version due to the fantastic theme builder.

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