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The Top 5 Email Marketing Services For An Australian Business

In this article, you will find the top 5 email marketing services to help build a monster customer base.

Email marketing is perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to build a large audience of repeat customers. It also generally provides one of the highest ROI’S in digital marketing.

In this list, we will explore the top 5 options on the market so that you can start building an audience and get better acquainted with your existing customers.

All the platforms in this article are amazingly effective, so your choice will be based on the needs of your particular business.

Just Want To Know The Best One?

The best pick for an all-around email marketing service is SendinBlue. They offer fantastic value, are very affordable, and have all the core features you need as a small business owner.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of communicating to a customer or potential customer by email with the goal of converting that customer to a sale.

To help with this, there are platforms known as email marketing services that allow you to send emails at scale and to large groups of people.

These services also act as an address book storing the customer’s details and can generally automate the entire process to save you time.

Your email marketing platform will also have in-depth reporting and functionality to assist with achieving those conversions.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing is an important service for any business whether they are a digital brand or a bricks and mortar store.

Many experts say email marketing can provide one of the best returns on your marketing investment, Up to $38 back for each dollar spent.

  • keep Intouch with your customers
  • Let people know about important information
  • Launch a new product or service at scale
  • Keep your audience coming back to your business
  • Create inexpensive campaigns
  • Build your Audience

Email Marketing Services

Constant Contact

Constant Contact email marketing platform

First up on our list of email marketing services in Constant Contact. Constant Contact is one of the biggest email marketing platforms available today. It’s also one of the most user-friendly services out there.

Constant Contact is one of the biggest email marketing platforms available. It’s also one of the most user-friendly services out there. 

Without much of a hassle, you can manage contacts, create email templates, and set up marketing schedules. 

Constant Contact allows you to access ‘easy tracking’ and reporting, already integrated social media platforms, a free picture library, and list segmentation. 

It also lets you add Facebook advertisements and eCommerce stores into its template.

Like many top email marketing services, it also includes some high-quality features like email automation, reviews, surveys, coupons, online gifts/donations, and A/B testing to choose the best version of your email. 

Through the A/B testing tool, you can check multiple email versions and based on the analytics and select the one that attracts the most traffic.

Constant Contact has a highly responsive customer support team. they offer live chat, phone calls and email support, helping you with any issues as fast as they can.

Software Pricing

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SendinBlue email marketing

Next up on the list of email marketing services in SendinBlue. This platform is well known as one of the leaders in email marketing and with good reason. 

This is bar far one of the absolute best services available for its cost.

SendinBlue is an SMS and email marketing platform for businesses and startups. It’s a very user-friendly and intuitive platform with incredible tools to draft professional captivating emails for your customers.

The platform has a suite of beginner-friendly tools that let you send transactional emails, create workflows, and segment users. 

It can likewise choose the best time to send mass messages utilizing its AI calculations to guarantee the greatest email deliverability.

In addition to your standard tools, SendinBlue comes with a range of different packages, including a free plan that lets you send up to 300 emails every day, except, with a watermark. 

Generally, the paid plans start from $25 per month. You can also incorporate SMS into your account, however, the cost will differ depending on your sending prerequisites.

This email marketing service has also recently improved its premium plan, which now incorporates some advanced features like landing page builder, live chat, CRM and Facebook ads integration. 

SendinBlue also offers a different SMTP mass email marketing service that can be utilized to send automated or transactional emails from WordPress sites.

Need more info? Read our SendinBlue review here.

Software Pricing

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Convert Kit

Convert kit review

The next on our list of email marketing services is ConvertKit and it’s one of the best all in one marketing platforms around. This service is built from the ground up for creators but is an amazing tool regardless of your industry.

ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing tool for bloggers, creators, authors and marketers. Packed with a range of features, the platform is extremely easy to use.

You will find all the standard email marketing tools in addition to some great additions like digital product funnels and a range of automation.

Offering targeted email marketing in addition to letting you segment your subscribers into the ones who are interested in your product and those who have already purchased it.

This helps in making automated emails more personal and appealing. Further, you can tag your audience as well.

This platform offers a 14-day free trial, and its pricing begins from $29/month. It also offers a 30-day refund policy which is amazing.

Need more info? Read our comprehensive ConvertKit review here.

Software Pricing

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AWeber review email platform

The next insanely popular email marketing service is AWeber. This platform is another amazing feature-packed service suitable for businesses of any size or type.

Aweber is an email marketing platform that helps thousands of businesses worldwide.

The service is very user friendly and fairly easy to learn. In addition to responsive emails, the platform also offers great email responders, scheduling, and a vast range of customizable templates.

Marketing automation is another great feature offered by Aweber. It helps you customize your emails according to the client activities like email opens, connect clicks, site visits and purchases.

Moreover, it also provides an option for A/B testing where you can upload up to three different versions of your message, which is automatically sent to a small group of subscribers.

The platform then automatically selects the one with the best response and sends it to the rest of the clients.

like some of the others, AWeber offers a free plan which allows you up to 500 subscribers.

They also have a paid solution starting at $16.50 per month which has many other features. We have included the pricing below.

Software Pricing

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Mailchimp email marketing

Mailchimp is the next email marketing service on the list and is without a doubt, the most popular. This email platform offers all the features you could ever need and can cater to just about any audience size.

The feature set that this email service offers is going to be overkill for most small businesses but nonetheless amazing.

If cost is no option then their premium plans are one of the most inclusive email marketing services you will ever find for your business.

All the standard tools apply here, such as automation, audience segmentation, dynamic content etc.

Due to the popularity of this platform, you will also be able to find an unending list of apps that will integrate with the service.

In terms of support, they also have an amazing amount of educational content to assist any business with their audience building.

Prices for the paid plan start at $9.99 USD and go up from there depending on the package you choose.

Software Pricing

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Final Words

That wraps up the top 5 email marketing services for your Australian business now it’s time to focus on building a monster audience.

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