Free Business Plan Templates For Small Businesses

Free Business Plan Templates For Small Businesses

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Free & Simple Business Plan Templates For Small Businesses

Below you will find five free business plan templates you can use for your Australian small business, along with any supporting information to assist with your plan creation. 

Having a structured plan is crucial for any small business, and regardless if you are a sole trader or small company, a good plan can make or break your success. 

If you’re looking for a place to start, then these business plan templates will guide you through the framework of setting up a small business and ensure you stay on track.

Note: be sure to also create your Executive Summary if you plan on raising investment or introducing high-level stakeholders to your business. 

What Is A Business Plan?

A business plan is a comprehensive document that outlines a company’s goals and steps to meet those goals.

It includes critical information such as objectives, strategies, financial projections and risks.

A business plan can be written for an existing company or a new startup.

It is necessary for any business, whether it’s small or large scale. However, the smaller the business is, the less complicated it should be in terms of structure and content.

In terms of a small business, the commonly shared belief in the business community is to keep things clear and simple where possible. 

The structure of a business plan varies depending on the type of industry it belongs to and the size of its operations.

Note: We recommend starting with a Business Model Canvas to flesh out your business idea before jumping into a more detailed plan.

The Three Main Types Of Business Plans

The types of small business plans

Before we delve into the free business plan templates, it’s essential to understand the different types or sections of a business plan and how they will work together to drive your business forward.

Strategic Plan.

This is an overall plan and direction of the business with your number-one goal to be the plan’s core. 

Think about this as an elaboration of your “mission statement” and then formulate a strategy to achieve it.

This plan is generally long-term and has big goals at set intervals such as yearly.  Basically, these are the main things you want to achieve in your chosen market. 

A strategic plan is the highest level of the business plan templates and should be completed first. 

Operational Plan.

The second business plan template or section is your operational plan. This is a plan of your daily, weekly and monthly activities that actually allow you to meet your strategic goals.

This is a much more short-term planning cycle and is usually a lot more flexible and adaptive.

Your operational plan should include things like hours worked training, stock control, etc. This is also the plan that will play a crucial role in your time management and organization. 

Without a solid operational plan, you can find yourself quickly falling into bad habits and wasting precious resources on irrelevant tasks.

Financial Plan.

This is the cash flow in and out of your business alongside any financial budgets used in day to day operations.

This must also include allocations for both fixed and variable costs and any investments or money borrowed.

Having a sound financial plan is crucial to the viability of any business. It should be taken very seriously, so we have included this plan section in our article. 

A financial plan will also help you keep your bookkeeping in order and ensure you do not run out of money.

Government: Australian Business Plan Template

Australian Government business plan template

The Australian government small business department has put together a structured business plan template that you can use for free. 

They have even developed a guide to help you through it, along with some information to give you tips on how to write a solid plan.

This single plan covers all aspects of your business and incorporates the three main plan types mentioned earlier.

While we think this is a great tool, it may be too detailed for the sole trader or micro business owner, but you can just use what is relevant.

Overview: The Australian government created this business plan as a free resource for Australian businesses. 

What’s Inside

Below are the sections included in the template.

  • The Business details (4 sections)
  • Your market & competition (4 sections)
  • Business finances (5 sections)
  • Business finances (5 sections)

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Nab Bank: Australian Business Plan Template

Nab business plan template

Nab bank provides a free Australian small business plan template covering all the main aspects we mentioned earlier.

Like the one created by the government, this free template can be filled in using the handy word document provided and is a great starting point when setting up your business.

There is no formal guide for this plan; however, they have some great articles on planning that should help you through it.

Overview: Created by the National Australia Bank, this business plan template is designed for Australian small businesses.

What’s Inside

Below are the sections included in the template.

  • Executive summary & business background
  • Business strategy & SWOT
  • Market research, competition & marketing 
  • Financials, Infrastructure, & legals

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Commbank: Australian Business Plan Template

Commbank Templates

This toolkit created by Commbank is a great looking and easy to use free Australian small business plan template.

The template includes a helpful financial section that will help you with your forecasting. Commbank also has some good advice on their website to guide you through the planning process.

Overview: Created by the Commonwealth bank, this business plan template is designed for Australian small businesses. 

What’s Inside

Below are the sections included in the template.

  • Business details (8 sections)
  • Goals & strategy (5 sections)
  • Market & competition (3 sections)
  • Business finances (5 sections)

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ANZ: Business Plan Template

ANZ Business plan template header

The ANZ Bank of Australia is yet another of the major banks to produce a free business plan template designed for small to medium enterprises.

The template is very well designed and relatively in-depth, although it is simple enough to follow regardless of your stage in business.

Unfortunately, no guide accompanies this plan template; however, we found it very intuitive to complete.

Overview: Created by the ANZ bank, this business plan template is similar to the one by CBA is for Australian businesses.

What’s Inside

Below are the sections included in the template.

  • Business overview (6 sections)
  • Structures & resources (2 sections)
  • Business operations (14 sections)
  • Market analysis & financials (10 sections)

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Shopify: Business Plan Template

Shopify Business Plan Template Header

Shopify is one of the largest website builder platforms in the world. Shopify is well known for producing a massive amount of educational content for businesses worldwide.

In this case, Shopify has created a business plan template that, in our opinion, is beautifully designed and simple enough for a beginner.

There is no guide to assist in completing the template, although as mentioned above, Shopify has a plethora of educational content to suit any business regardless of the field you operate in.

Overview: Created by the website platform Shopify, this business plan template can be used for most small to medium businesses.

What’s Inside

Below are the sections included in the template.

  • Company overview (8 sections)
  • Market, products, & customers (5 sections)
  • Marketing & logistics (10 sections)
  • Financials (3 sections)

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Final Words

So now you know where to find free business plan templates for small businesses you can get to work. Don’t be scared of making a mistake; you can always adapt your plan as you go.

As always, if you enjoy our content, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

If you have a great Australian business plan template you would like to share, let us know! 

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