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HubSpot Review: A Platform Every Business Owner Should Be Aware Of

Below you will find our full HubSpot CRM review. An industry-leading CRM for businesses of any size and one of our top choices regardless of the industry you are in.

Marketing is key if you want your product to succeed.

Effectively managing your customer base should be part of any business plan and can greatly increase your chance of success and Hubspot is one of the best tools for the job.

What is HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot is an all in one CRM and marketing software that has everything you need for effectively marketing your products or services.

Whether it is organising customer data, building pipelines, making sales, running email campaigns, this platform is a behemoth and can do it all.


In this HubSpot CRM review, you will see that this platform is loaded with a range of high-quality features that guarantee a smooth and comfortable experience. Below we have outlined some of the main feature sets.

Hubspots feature sets are grouped into categories called “Hubs” each of these hubs has a range of related features to assist you with your business.

CRM Feature


This HubSpot CRM review is driven by this core feature. The platform is one of the worlds best and certainly most popular.

The free version lets you store up to a million records and has a massive third party developer market. With amazing 360 customer views and a polished UI, this platform shines in its category.

Settings Feature

Automation & Integration

his platform has a great ecosystem that works really well together for automating and streamlining tasks and processes

The software also integrates with A huge range of business apps and tools to take its functionality to the next level.

Content Feature

CMS (Content Management System)

HubSpot CMS lets you build, host and manage websites and landing pages with a focus on lead capture.

It has several lead generation tools, SEO features, blogging tools, and many more content creation tools.

Customer Service Feature

Service Hub

 Customer experience is extremely important for your brand. If you have happy customers, you increase your chance of repeat sales.

The service hub caters to improving customer experience by offering live chat, ticketing, support email and other reporting features.

Lists Feature

Sales Hub

The sales hub is aimed towards boosting productivity, improving the sales process and shortening deal cycles to generate revenue.

It has several tools to help you book meetings and stay on top of everything. You can track and schedule emails, share documents and have multiple deal pipelines.

You also get email templates, so you do not have to spend time drafting that perfect one.

Marketing Feature

Marketing Hub

The marketing hub is loaded with an array of features that allow you to run perfect marketing campaigns and attract people to your brand.

It comes with email marketing, forms and landing pages to make sure you are able to capture that potential customer at all stages of their journey.

Furthermore, you can also create and track social media paid advertisements across multiple platforms.


Is This Right For Me?

Hubspot is a powerful tool with many uses, to help we have outlined some of the most popular so that you can decide if this platform is for you.

Still Unsure? Read our list of top CRM tools


Contact Management


Email Marketing & List Creation


Automated Email Sequences


Sales Pipeline Management


Task & Activity Manager

Hubspot Pricing

HubSpot offers a great free CRM, however, it also has paid plans for more in-depth features and allowances.

In addition to this HubSpot has grouped feature sets that you can purchase on their own or add to the CRM if needed. You can choose any of the above hubs based on your requirements.

There are bundle offers available as well by combining any of the hubs to suit your business needs.

Below we have outlined the starting cost for each hub on its own.

There are monthly and yearly payment options and a 14 days free trial available as well. We found that the cost can quickly add up and maybe prohibitive for a small business or sole trader. Prices are in AUD & are per month.


Pro’s And Con’s



Free CRM is one of the best in the world


Scalability is fantastic


Highly customisable


A huge community of users & developers


Integrates with hundreds of business applications


A great ecosystem of tools



Price is expensive compared with the competition


No lifetime purchase option


Steep learning curve


CMS Is fairly average

Frequently Asked

Can I purchase A lifetime licence?

Answer: No, like many of the others in this space, plans are subscription only.

Does HubSpot offer a free plan?

Answer: Yes HubSpot has one of the best free plans out of any CRM platform we have tested.

Does HubSpot integrate with my email?

Answer: Yes, you can connect HubSpot’s free CRM tools to Gmail, G Suite, and many versions of Outlook.

Our HubSpot CRM review has made it abundantly clear, this is a great marketing and customer management platform that can improve your business and help your growth.

It offers several great tools to ensure you get the best results while streamlining and automating your processes.