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Social Media Setup services

With 80% of Australians using social media it has become a mandatory part of any business plan. The truth is, if your business is not on social media then there is little no NO chance you will ever be found by customers.

Regardless of your industry potential customers use social media as a way of getting to know your brand. In fact, more than 50% of adults surveyed said that they would not trust a brand which has no presence on a main social platform.

Our social media setup services make it easy to get your business online and in front of your customers. Whether your a startup or just re-branding we take care of the research and setup of your social infrastructure and have it up and running with one quick phone call.

Our social media setup services ensure your business is presented in a professional and engaging way to your target audience, Don’t risk having a poorly created social page get in touch today.

what's included

Choosing the Social media services
Choosing the right social platformWhich social media services do your customers use?

Not all social media platforms are relevant to your business. The first step of our social media setup services is to research and identify which platform your customers are more likely to engage with.

Social media setup of images
Optimised images''A picture is worth a thousand words''

Having the right imagery is crucial, we will help choose and optimise photo’s that tell your story. You only get a few seconds to make an impression so make it count.

Setting up your profile
Setting up your profileWhat does your page say about your brand?

With millions of businesses competing for attention, how will you stand out? Our social media setup services ensure we choose the correct information, services and profile types to showcase your business. Did you know there are more than 40 factors to consider in a single Facebook profile?

Connecting your platforms
Connecting your platformsAll roads must lead home.

Linking your social media platform to your website to ensure your customers take action. In addition, linking your social platforms together will encourage your audience to get in touch regardless of where they find you.

Additional services

Custom App integrations

Customer app integration to your social page such as mail chimp, CRM etc.

Content Sourcing

If you do not have enough content, we will source relevant images on your behalf.


Find, follow and connect with relevant groups and pages to your industry. Include and track them within your insights.

Account management

Save time and let us manage your accounts, reply to comments and stay on top of things.

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