Top 5 Tools For Your Project Management Plan

Top 5 Tools For Your Project Management Plan

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In this article, you will find our picks for the top 5 free tools for any project management plan.

Ditch the whiteboard, checklist, and spreadsheets; these tools are the perfect solution to keep you organized and on track within your business.

Just Want To Know The Best One?

The best pick for a project management platform goes to, a highly customizable and intuitive tool. Monday has an excellent user interface, amazing features, and is great value for money.

What Is Project Management?

Project management is organizing resources, staff, and information to achieve the completion of a task or set of tasks.

The tasks themselves are usually grouped into a “project” and have a completion timeline attached to them.

A project can range from simply planning a meeting to a multimillion-dollar construction job, and many of the fundamental principles remain the same.

The ” Project Manager ” is the person in charge of ensuring that the business or department sticks to that timeline is the “Project Manager”.

The Top Project Management Tools


Asana free Project Management

Asana is our first pick of tools to assist with your project management plan.

Asana is a full-featured, cloud-based project management platform that is amazingly powerful and suitable for freelancers all the way up to large corporations.

The user interface is beautifully designed and supports Mac, IOS, Windows, and Android. And the specifically made mobile apps are also well built, optimized, and a pleasure to use all around.

Like most other project management software, Asana has free and paid versions. The paid versions offer more features and are less restricted, of course.

Unlike many other platforms that only offer the Kanban layout, this platform supports both Kanban and list view.

Asana integrates with nearly 200 apps and platforms to ensure your team gets the most out of the tool.

Used by over 80k organizations, Asana is a must-see tool for any business wanting to take its project management to the next level.


Trello Free Project management tool

Next up in our list of free tools for your project management plan is Trello.

This platform is the most popular worldwide and is an outstanding piece of software specifically for those that are visually minded.

Trello, like the others, has a great free plan, but they also offer paid subscriptions that open up more features referred to as “power-ups”.

Like all others on this list, Trello’s dashboard is in Kanban view, but unlike Asana, you also don’t get the list view option.

Trello is deceivingly simple to use, so much so that most people do not realize how powerful it is.

Boasting a million teams using Trello, it’s a must-see when looking for a free tool for your project management plan.

With a dedicated IOS and Android app and integration to all the leading business software you could possibly use, we feel confident it will do wonders for any organization, big or small.

With over 200 integrations, Trello takes out our second pick on the list and for good reason.


Freedcamp free project management tool

Next on our list of free tools for your project management plan is Freedcamp. This platform is another beautifully designed and built a tool that has dedicated IOS and Andriod apps.

Freedcamp, like the others, has a great free plan, but it also offers paid subscriptions that allow more features to be used.

This software offers both Kanban and list view, just like Asana, which we certainly appreciate.

In terms of native integration, Freedcamp falls short of both Trello and Asana. However, it integrates well with Zapier giving you the freedom to link just about any business platform needed.

If you decide to take up one of their paid plans, then Freedcamp is of the most affordable options available. Due to this, we saw a big plus for any small business owner.

With a 5 star rating on Capterra, this tool is sure to be an asset for any project management plan.


Monday Project Management Software

Monday is one of the world’s leading project management platforms. This is truly an incredibly built tool that is so powerful and feature-rich that we recommend it for any business size or industry.

With a range of views, including Kanban, List, Task, and calendar, this platform can be customized to suit just about anyone’s preference.

The integrations offered are excellent and work seamlessly with most of the major business software around.

A stunning and intuitive interface that allows you to set up just about any workflow you can imagine: Monday has dedicated mobile apps and is really well optimized for use on a smaller device.

With over 100k teams using Monday and fantastic reviews, we highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

Monday does not offer a free plan like Asana and Trello; however, they offer a free trial linked below.

It’s also important to note that this tool requires a minimum of 3 seats to be purchased, this may be a little annoying if you’re a freelancer, but for any serious project management plan, three seats are easily used up.


Teamwork project management tool

Next on our list of tools to help with your project management plan is Teamwork.

Similar to, Teamwork is an amazingly powerful and well-built project management platform that can cater to just about any business.

Teamwork is being used by over 200k companies worldwide, including the likes of Disney, Paypal, Spotify, & Netflix.

The user interface is really well designed, and the platform is quite intuitive without much of a learning curve.

A feature-packed platform with fantastic dedicated mobile apps and a heap of integrations, Teamwork is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the project management space.

Teamwork offers a great free plan, and like many of the others, they also have paid plans that are much more in-depth with a more significant feature set.

Final Words

That concludes our top 5 tools designed to help your project management plan. Now it’s time to streamline your processes and get rid of the multiple checklists.

For more business tools, check out our blog, where we find the best free tools to help your Australian business.

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