Top Free CRM Tools For Small Businesses

Top Free CRM Tools For Small Businesses

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The Top Free CRM Tools For Australian Businesses Owners

Below you will find our top picks for free CRM tools for Australian small businesses.

Our top CRM picks are HubSpot, Zoho, Bitrx24, and Agile these platforms will help take your customer management processes to the next level.

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Just Want To Know The Best One?

The best all-around CRM system for small businesses is Zoho One. Zoho combines over 40 great apps (including a CRM) into one fantastic platform and offers the whole package at an unbeatable price.

What Is CRM Software?

CRM stands for “customer relationship management”, and as the name suggests, the purpose of the software is to manage all your customer’s data, communication, and behaviours, in one platform.

The management of this data is done so within the software itself, providing a single place to access anything you need about any particular customer.

The way CRM tools work is they collect data from a source point such as a contact form, social media profile, customer account signup, or even from manual entry by a staff member.

Once this data has been inputted, the software will store and organise the information for easy access in the future.

Another aspect of these platforms is that they can update the data if certain conditions are met, such as an email sent by the customer or even a phone call.

Based on the data stored, the CRM will then present you with analytics such as purchase history, age, location, lifetime value etc.

Why Are CRM’S Important?

Modern CRM software is highly advanced allowing businesses to acquire valuable customer insights, manage sales leads and identify opportunities for improvement. 

This can be invaluable when adjusting any operational or strategic plan for your business.

Nowadays, CRM’s have back-end analytical engines, gathering real-time customer data. 

This, of course, is ideal when trying to sharpen your customer acquisition processes. which will ultimately help you achieve your financial targets. 

The platforms can also use this real-time data to project the best time to contact a client or potential customer.

Finally and probably of the most important for a sole trader, they save you a heap of time. The CRM tool can replace your inbox, spreadsheets, paperwork, accounting software, calendar, and more. 

The below free CRM tools are our favourite reviewed and all of them would be a great addition to any Australian business. 

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot Free CRM Tool

Widely considered as one of the leaders in CRM software Hubspot is the first on our list of free CRM tools. It includes all the basic and advanced elements you could possibly need to run a business. 

This CRM offers a wide variety of features and flexibility making it a great tool for any size business. 

A major benefit of Hubspot is its vast integration network. The software connects to all major social channels, marketing platforms, and plenty of businesses apps. 

In addition to social media integration, Hubspot also provides website integration, and the whole thing can be managed using a mobile app right from your phone.

Hubspot like many other platforms has both free and also paid versions that offer more in-depth features. The free version has an amazing allowance of one million contacts and unlimited users. 

This is more than enough for any small business and is a fantastic allowance.

The software has too many features to list in this post however, we have listed the main ones used by small businesses below. 

Take our word for it when we say, there aren’t many scenarios that businesses face that this CRM can’t handle. 

The learning curve may be a little steeper than most CRM tools but once mastered, you will be amazed at how you ever lived without it.

You can read our full HubSpot review here.

Zoho CRM


Australian businesses looking for a reliable and multichannel CRM platform should definitely consider Zoho. This free CRM tool is another industry leader with a fantastic suite of features to suit any business small or large. 

Zoho offers all the bells and whistles just like HubSpot, including automation, customer management, communication, incredible analytics and of course email services. 

like the others, Zoho also has paid more in-depth plans that suit any size business.  Zoho is great for website integration, customer follow-up and CRM workflow management.

This software includes various features allowing businesses to conduct sales tracking and forecasting. 

In addition, you have productivity tools such as mobile CRM, Google App integration, social CRM and many others that help small businesses improve their processes.   

Zoho CRM  can monitor sales, automate daily prospecting activities and engage the customers from multiple platforms. 

Being able to integrate with popular business apps such as Slack and MailChimp, really ticks most boxes for the small business owner.

Mobile Zoho CRM allows your customers to get updates and real-time notifications of newly purchased products. It’s certainly a tool to consider. 

One of the biggest drawcards from Zoho is its “Zoho One” platform. 

This platform combines over 40 business apps such as CRM, accounting software, ticketing systems and many more. 

Zoho one is a paid platform but is such good value that it deserves a mention.


Bitrix24 Free CRM Tool

When it comes to document and workflow management Bitrix24 is an all-inclusive tool that you absolutely must check out. Although this is one of our free CRM tools Bitrix is actually much more than a CRM. 

Considered a leading process management tool Bitrix24 eliminates the need to perform many routine tasks manually in your business.  

Setting up contact bases that store interaction history and communications are also a feature. This is ideal for providing all your customer support in a central place.  

Businesses with several products or revenue streams can easily set up multiple sales pipelines. With integrated lead tracking which we found to be a great feature.

This CRM tool also allows you to set sales targets for each user and track progress in real-time. With the free version allowing 12 users, it’s a great option for small teams and sole traders.

Once again there are paid versions that offer more in-depth features which is ideal if you choose to scale. Like the others, there is a mobile app with a pretty good interface. 

It’s easy to see why Bitrix24 is a leader in free CRM’s.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM Screenshot

Last but not least on our list of free CRM tools for small businesses is Agile. Agile has all the fundamental features like the others in this article.

Capable of pretty much anything needed to help run your business Agile is a safe bet for an Australian business.

Agile was created as an “all in one” tool and can take care of your customer relationship management in addition to marketing, emails, appointment scheduling and much more.

All the main features are available in the free plan along with some popular integrations such as stripe and google calendar.

Agile also offers a more in-depth paid plan. These are actually quite cheap however their free version is more than enough when getting started.

Comprising of a great user interface with an easy to understand customer view including a chronological timeline with no limits unlike some of its competitors.

Once again like many other top players, Agile has a mobile app that makes it perfect for owner-operators.

You will not find a lot of online resources like some of the more popular options, however, their customer service is very helpful and will be able to guide you through anything needed.

All in all a great free CRM for Australian business and we certainly recommend checking them out.

Final words

After reviewing these amazing CRM tools, our conclusion is the following, for the free version we pick HubSpot.

Although HubSpot limits the automated features to their paid plans, a 1 Million record allowance along with email tracking which copies the email trail to your contact records automatically is too good to pass up for a free option.

The only problem with HubSpot is the cost of its paid options, If you plan to only use a CRM for basic customer management then The free version is fine.

But if you need to eventually expand then it may get too expensive.

If you require more features and plan to grow, Zoho One is hands down the best value of any business software full stop.

This platform is known as a small business operating system and for good reason. So if you have any plans of expansion, we recommend starting with Zoho.

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